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Just when you think...

Just when you think everything’s normal, something comes and smack you right in the face.. hm.. why does it sound like lyrics to a song? It somehow reminds me of Alanis Morissette’s Ironic. Correct me if I’m wrong, though.

I thought I would have a peaceful, long sleep – and probably wake up around 11am or so :D. That’s what I usually do when I spend my weekends at home.. but not this morning! What happened was well, around 7.15am I woke up to the sound of the phone ringing.. and my father went to answer the phone (he always wakes up real early in the morning, along with my mother) and the next thing I know, I heard my father shouting to me: “Wake up! Someone knocked into your mother’s car while she was on her way to work!”. My mother had left about ten minutes earlier in her nearly-a-year-old Waja. I didn’t follow my father and my brother over to the scene.. thankfully, no one was hurt. But the Waja wouldn’t work, and it had to be towed away.. I wonder if the next time I see it again, will it be the same, brand new spanking Waja I once laid my eyes on when it became a part of our family for the first time.. or will it had a scar forever? :( From the bits and pieces of information I manage to salvage, it seems to imply that another car knocked onto the front left portion of the Waja, rendering the suspension useless and some other parts broken. :/ Fortunately, it wasn’t my mother’s fault, and the other party has agreed to pay for the damage.

But the dear old Waja! sniff~~

Moving on to something lighter.. could it be a small world after all?
When clicking around Rice Bowl’s discussion board, I managed to stumble upon a link which looked quite familiar, arousing my curiosity. Tired of a guessing game, I left a comment on this dude’s website.. as it turns out, he is my IRC kai gor (older god brother)! I used to log on to #mamak21 on a now defunct server (irc.silicon.com.my) and when the server died, I didn’t know which server to hop on to, and totally lost contact of chatting at the channel. He became my kai gor after a few website maintenance tips. I was messing around with my Savage Garden website back then. :D Somehow, this reunion brought back sweet memories of chatting in #mamak21 (mamak means sidewalk cafes, and you see them everywhere in Malaysia – and the channel regulars added a ‘21’ so as to encourage only people of age 21 and above to chat there) – because I was the youngest there, and everyone used to make fun of me, heh. :D :D :D I made a lot of friends there (all older than me, of course! – I was only 15 then), and although I’ve never met them, they were my very first acquaintances on the Internet.

Speaking of which.. I shall connect to the server now and try to see if anyone still recognises me..

On air now: All Rise, Blue (All Rise, 2001)

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