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Ack. Why does it...

Ack. Why does it take ages for me to connect to Blogger?
Oh wait a minute.. everything is going slower than a snail’s pace. Great.

I was racking my brains and nearly tearing my hair off while attempting to finish my Computer Graphics assignment, which is due next week. We are suppose to come up with a movie trailer of our own, with clips taken from other movie trailers, using Adobe Premiere. Currently I’ve compiled about six movie trailers to be included in my trailer. Argh.. I thought this’d be fun.. but it turns out that I’m totally clueless as to how to begin this assignment. It turns out to be quite difficult to collect and put the trimmed movie trailers into sequence. ~~//klsdjfal;ksjdflkajsdlfkjlaf//

Heh heh.. I’ve got a rather funny entry on my guestbook. Check it out. It never fails to carve a silly grin on my face everytime I read this particular entry. It really had me thinking though – why am I an Incubus fan, yet listen to Blue? Well, I was having a listen to Blue’s album – unfortunately, it isn’t the type of material that would make me go out and get the album for myself. However, that is not the case for Incubus – I would love to add the CD to my small collection. :/

It also means that I’m actually expanding my music interest, which has been confined to only modern rock and alternative these few years.. and now I’m doing a favour to boybands! inserts random options of: shudder; faints; nauseous

Well, other than that, I couldn’t really come up with any other good reason, ToForgive. :D

On air now: Are You In?, Incubus (Morning View, 2001)

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