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Woohoo. I got a neat backache...

Woohoo. I got a neat backache after staring and cursing in front of the computer for hours while attempting to finish my Computer Graphics assignment – making our own movie trailer. It’s really difficult to be messing around with Adobe Premiere with a computer with only 96mb RAM and powered by a Pentium II. I look on in envy with my roomies’ meddling with Premiere with their 256mb RAM and Pentium IIIs. Oh, and look.. I can’t use my microphone to record anything. The CDROM works whenever it likes to – there’d be like, 10% success of me getting to pop in a CD that works on it. And already I am thinking of getting a webcam! At the rate I’m going, the whole thing might just hang and not start up the next day. :/
Okay okay, I’m not complaining about you, my dear compy. I’m just.. rambling. Yep. Amidst all those negativities, you still have some good in you. Your desire to come up with blue screens are almost always greeted by gentle knocks by yours truly.

Oops. I rephrase: I really think the world of you, my dear compy. Yeah – it’s on this machine I got connected to the Internet for the first time back in 1997. I really do cherish and treasure you. :) pats compy and gives a tight hug

Again, thank god for Brendan Boyd and his gang. Heck, I think I’m beginning to get overly dependent to them.. the song that’s currently playing on Winamp has finally made into a good buddy of mine, Greg’s personal music chart (after a few hints and pesters). :D

On air now: Wish You Were Here, Incubus (Morning View, 2001)

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