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We cannot save ourselves alone.

We cannot save ourselves alone.

There seems to be something going around. Something that I was not previously aware of.

People seem to think that I have a particular liking for strawberries.

My sister-in-law gave me biscuits, and a special tube of edible ‘cream’ of the said fruit; a close friend of mine also recently treated me to a strawberry Cornetto ice cream, because, in her own words – “You like strawberry Cornetto ice cream!” (this I cannot deny, but…)

I wonder what made them feel that way, and I find it rather strange. I am not bothered by this… misunderstanding, but I have never thought of associating myself with strawberries. Ask me what my favourite fruit is, and it will hardly be in the top five list.

Chocolate or strawberry ice cream?
Strawberries and cream, or banana split?
Peanut butter or strawberry jam?

I guess it will just be a matter of preference when it comes to those questions.

It could be like those games we play in school when we were younger:

“So who do you like? Between Ken and Eric, who would you choose?”
“I think Eric has got a nice sense of humour.”
Ooooooooooooooooooooh! She loves Eric!”
“Hey! I didn’t say I love him!”

What have I done, that made others think that I like the fruit so much? Does my personality somehow indicate that? Perhaps I bear some resemblance to a strawberry (no!)?

Honestly, strawberries are fine with me – I neither hate nor love them. I would take them anyway. But you could stop short of getting me a light-up strawberry keychain, strawberry-shaped pillows, strawberry-printed curtains, or a human-sized smiling strawberry at my doorstep (horrors!).

I would really get sick of strawberries by then. And it would be your fault. :)

Great – I think my roommates are laughing at me again for tapping the keyboard to the music.

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