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I watched the MTV Asia Awards 2002..

I watched the MTV Asia Awards 2002.. the awards seem never ending. Eventually I got tired of it and went to bed.. that was around 1.30am. Another half hour to go before the show ends, but I couldn’t be bothered. Not a lot of celebrities were at hand to receive their awards. I tend to think that the whole show was going to be a flop. I don’t know where the problem lies – the audience doesn’t seem to be entertained by the presenters of the awards. In contrast to the MTV Awards held in other countries/regions, usually cheers and applause will follow after anyone on stage finishes their speeches. Such is not the case with yesterday’s event – or is it just Asians being too quiet? Anyhow, I envy those who got to witness the show right in front of their very own eyes – like what dear ol’ Greg did – he won tickets to the awards! grumbles He doesn’t visit this website, so he doesn’t know that I envy him oh so much. :P The performances weren’t really that electrifying, but I thought Mandy Moore and Ronan Keating did quite a commendable job in hosting the event.

Blue’s performance was rather.. hm, I don’t know how to describe it. I guess it’s because usually musicmakers sound different when performing live. I thought Ayumi Hamasaki, G.O.D. and P.O.D. (what’s with all these initials?!) did a good job though. Ronan Keating (mmm..) and Mandy Moore sang rather well too.

By the way.. the Waja has been repaired, and it looks as good as new. phew

I will be using Greymatter soon. Shall make the changes during the Chinese New Year break. Hopefully Portland wouldn’t be down (it happens quite often nowadays) or I’ll really have to get a new host. sigh

On air now: Simon, Lifehouse (No Name Face, 2001)

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