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Our movie trailer presentation was today.

Our movie trailer presentation was today. There were ten groups to present their movies, and each group was made up of four to five members – therefore, the whole presentation took three whole hours (an hour extra) and thus, I had to miss lunch. :/ This has been the third time I skipped lunch in this trimester.. I rarely do that. sigh We got nominated as ‘Best Group’, but we didn’t win. :D (The winners received funny-looking gifts.. and the best movie trailer won an angpow and a blinking nose thingy :P) It doesn’t really matter.. but it’s rather cool to see everyone’s movie trailers and to present ours’.

My trailer was “The Past Future” – a poor attempt for an oxymoron – I combined the movies The Matrix, Swordfish and LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring – all my favourite movies. Heh. My storyline was rather lame, and so I will not have it published here :D. What a feeling – I managed to produce my own movie trailer – only by using a few other movie trailers and Adobe Premiere. Do I qualify as a filmmaker? :)

Speaking of movies.. did anyone catch The Chemical Brothers’ Star Guitar music video? Wow.. I just love watching it. You should try it out. I’ll try to find the link to the full video (hopefully). It’s really good.. the audio complements with the video, and it’s really cute. I’ve never seen anything like that. In addition, the music sounds good too. By the way.. do The Chemical Brothers’ qualify as techno music? I have no idea what genre of music they produce.. because it has the same elements as the Matrix soundtrack, which I enjoy listening to – especially Propellerheads’ Spybreak, and Rob D. and Rob Zombie. Aaah.

And why does Natalie Imbruglia’s Wrong Impression seems to.. well.. impress me? I like the guitar strummings.. it’s addictive (I’m a sucker for guitars – although I have no knowledge in playing one :/) and I have to say that the song is not too bad. She whines endlessly. But most importantly, it’s that #&$*(@&($* guitar that makes me fall in love with the song.

Falling in, falling out.. have you ever wonder..?

On air now: Wrong Impression, Natalie Imbruglia (White Lilies Island, 2001)

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