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Portland ain’t working yet. It always happens whenever I finished uploading a whole new layout. Then it’ll come up with some excuse “ERROR: Could not get input/output stream for: ftp.portland.co.uk”. How wonderful. Will some techie here help explain what does that mean? :/

Argh. Chinese New Year is not looking good for me this year. It’s a bit.. different. But it’s this small ‘bit’ that makes a tremendously big difference. A whole new different perspective. I shall began ranting.
One: My mother is away holidaying in Hong Kong with her sister. So, there’s no meaning to the word ‘family dinner’ now. sigh She left yesterday, and will be back a week later on Saturday, thus spending her new year away from the country. I’ve never tried celebrating Chinese New Year without a close family member by my side.
Two: Gee.. guess what? Seems that my brother will be spending his new year away from home too.. although he’ll still be in the country. This year, he’ll be going up north to another state of Malaysia – Penang. He’ll be with his girlfriend, visiting her family.

Oi! What the heck.. why is everyone leaving meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. sniff At least I will keep my father company.. and my cat’s too. We shall all hold on to each other, braving those merry Chinese New Year advertisments on the television, while in reality, it’ll just be the three of us.

I guess that means less angpows (red packets filled with money) as well.

I’ve just downloaded a few brushes for Photoshop.. will be experimenting with them soon. Gee, my posts seem to get shorter and shorter.. I guess you can tell how boring my life is.

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