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Hm. As I was having a lonely...

Hm. As I was having a lonely dinner tonight, I reminisce the unmemorable moments of being present in high school last year to pick up my “Anugerah Cemerlang SPM” award. About fifty other school leavers like me were also presented with the award for our achievement in SPM, the high school leaving certificate.

Now, you might think, getting awards, isn’t that a great thing? Hell, no – at least, not for me. Let me count the ways:
1) The school teachers do not know the difference between a pair of pants and a pair of jeans;
2) Blouses with collars, but no sleeves, are a no-no.
3) Students should be humiliated before receiving their awards.

Okay, maybe only three ways. But I’ll tell you the whole story. It seems that I was dressed “inappropriately”. I wore a shirt and a pair of grey pants. As soon as I got to the registration counter, the teachers were looking at me oddly. Immediately, I knew something was wrong.

“Ni, satu lagi ni..” (Here, this is another one)

I frowned. Another what?! Then, one teacher pointed at my pants, and jabbed at the invitation letter I received a few days earlier, which said jeans were not allowed. It seems that I was wearing jeans.

Excuse me?! PFFFFTTT!!!! #*(&$@(#&

They weren’t jeans! They were a pair of presentable grey pants! I realised then that they have really bad tastes in terms of fashion, that they couldn’t even differentiate between a pair of pants and a pair of jeans! I wonder why I studied in that school for five years.. only to realise this freakin’ horrible truth – that they don’t even know a pair of jeans from a pair of pants. sigh

Okay, so they held a lil loud discussion among themselves.. the words I heard “Bagi mak dia pergi ambil” (Let her mother go get the award for her) but in the end, it seems that my mother wasn’t dressed well enough to take it for me – she had a white blouse with a collar (but no sleeves), and a pair of pants on. I think the issue there lies in the no-sleeve section. What the heck?! Then they proceeded to pick a stand-by prefect to receive the award for me. It wasn’t as if there was a VVIP there! In fact, I couldn’t even remember the name of the “VVIP” they invited.. which, of course, wasn’t really what I’d consider a VVIP at all. And even if there was, I’m sure he or she wouldn’t mind seeing us dressed like that.. it’s not as if I came naked or something. What’s this issue with clothes? Were there any religious officials lurking around? No. Were there any crazy rapers hanging around? No. Again, I stress: my mother and I’s clothes were presentable enough to be permitted entry to receive the award.

I couldn’t stand it. My mother wanted me to get the award for myself – so I gave a call to my brother and asked him to get my long black skirt to school for me.

After my brother came and went in the rain (complete with traffic jams), it seems that my long black skirt was too tight – it hugged on to my legs – to the teachers disapproval – again!!

But thank goodness.. after yet another discussion, they said “Bolehlah” (can do). Well, it freakin’ better CAN DO!

I found out later that I wasn’t the only victim of all this unnecessary troubles. A few others were also found “inappropriately” dressed and had prefects receive the award for them. A friend even went home when she was denied her priviledge to receive her award – she was also wearing a pair of pants (but not jeans)! I wish I could have done that too.

Geez. I can’t believe I have endured all these nonsense. I guess that’s how they “appreciate” their bright students.

By the way, I broke the award a few weeks ago while attempting to draw it for a design fundamental assignment. Not like I care. All those sick memories that came with it.. definitely not worth it. But let’s not diss the award, shall we.. after all, it did nothing wrong.


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