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Okay, now I know why everyone (okay, just my mother and my brother) isn’t spending Chinese New Year at home with the family this year.

Father: Since there’s only the two of us, we might go hi-tea tomorrow (first day of Chinese New Year).. but I’m not too keen.
Me: It’s rather boring with only us both, you know.
Father: Well, we are still under a period of mourning. This time around there will be no angpows, and we’ll not go visiting. That’s why your mother went to Hong Kong, there’s no need for her to be here for any family reunions or stuff like that.
Realisation hit me and my heart seemed to stop beating for a moment. I thought, how come no one ever told me about this?!

Seems that we are still in a period of mourning. Well, my grandfather passed away in October last year, and there is supposed to be a 100-day mourning. So much for getting more angpows (red packets filled with money) this year. We are not encouraged to go visiting, either. sniff There’s no celebration, no merry atmosphere. Oh well. Not like I can avoid these things.. sigh Whatever has happened, has indeed happened; and there will be no more moaning and whining to it..

Another thing is, I guess there will be no CDs for me this year! I can only pitifully add more CDs to my “to buy” list.. like, there’s six of them already.. and I’m sure I will be adding more to it as the year goes.
Incubus (Morning View)
Fuel (Something Like Human)
Nine Days (The Madding Crowd)
Ash (Free All Angels)
Travis (The Invisible Band)
Darren Hayes (Spin)

Hm. Not like I can get them here anyway.. it’s so hard to seem them lying comfortably on the music store’s racks. :/ Maybe when I’m older, I shall resort to ordering them all straight off the Internet.


Oh yes.. speaking of Incubus.. I was listening to a local radio station at 5pm yesterday and they had an interview with a young mystery artiste. :/ I didn’t catch her name though, but her favourite bands include Incubus and Creed. Woo! You go girl!

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