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Wow.. I'm certain there's something wrong...

Wow.. I’m certain there’s something wrong with my digestion (or my stomach). :/ I had a queasy feeling on Monday, and today, Friday, I nearly puked after the hi-tea. I didn’t, though. It was as if there was something stuck in my esophagus, kept pushing itself up.. and as we headed towards the car park, I felt it coming.. but I only managed a cough, and I felt surprisingly very much better after that. :/ So much for my shopping trip.. the only thing I bought was a roll of masking tape for my Design Fundamental assignment. I’m glad I didn’t buy anything much though.. couldn’t stand the idea of sweeping a few CDs and burning a hole in my pocket for it. I shall have to wait patiently for a sale or something…..

In case you’re wondering.. I am not a glutton! :/

Oh.. I forgot to mention.. I know I’m a week late :D but I’d just want to tell the world that a buddy bought something for me.. check this out:
A Hobbit's Journal
It’s A Hobbit’s Journal, from the Collection of Sam Gamgee, and it’s a notebook, but with yummy illustrations of Tolkien characters from his books, mostly from The Lord of the Rings. Thanks V! :D

Wooo.. my mother’s coming back tomorrow! Yeeeha! You can tell I’m expecting some goodies from her. :D I’ve also finished reading The Dark Elf Trilogy by R.A. Salvatore. sigh Damn, I just love the book.. not to mention Drizzt. I’m sure it must be crazy of me to be so obssessed with a non-existent character. :/ Salvatore must be rubbing his palms and snickering “Hah! Another fan falls prey to Drizzt!”... oh gawd!

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