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Argh! What is this?

Argh! What is this? It’s already Sunday, which means I’m back in uni now, and studies will resume tomorrow! Boy, does time fly.

sigh Forgive my bitching. I just can’t stand being back in the small cramp room which I call my second home in uni. As you probably know, I long for more holidays.. more, more, MORE! The next holidays will be in April.. that’s two months away. groan I wonder if should I make time fly faster.. but in order to do that, I’d need to be more than the individual I am now.

I need to be a witch.

Heh. I watched Charmed the other day. Ah well. Wouldn’t life be easier if I could just mend my broken earphones with a swish of a finger, or to get all the CDs I want by mixing some frogs eyes and a newt’s tail. La dee da.. dream on, dream on.

Well, to regular readers of my humble blog, I guess it’s safe to say you may expect a new layout sometime during the weekend. It’s all ready, actually.. but I thought I’d put it up when I move in to my new host (yay, no more bitching about evil Portland!) by the end of this week. Thank you to all who offered to host me.. I really appreciate those generous invitations. :)

sigh I’m still thinking of Drizzt Do’Urden. Sometimes when I look at my cat, I feel the urge to call it Guenhwyvar. That’s the name of Drizzt’s beautiful panther for those who have not read the books yet. Oh, just go read it already!!!!! Visit here. Why isn’t there a website for Drizzt?! Gah.. drizzt.com is taken, but there’s hardly any updates.. and it’s still not completed yet. Fellow webmaster, do speed up and let us worship Drizzt.. uhm.. snickers but drizztdourden.com isn’t taken. rubs her chin, a calculating look crosses her face Ah well. Maybe when I’ve enough money I’ll make Drizzt a website.. bwahahaha. And will someone do an Icewind Dale movie or something?! ..... I have a potential actor for Zaknafein Do’Urden (Drizzt’s mentor and father, and weapon-master of House Do’Urden).. Laurence Fishburne. Don’t ask.

D r i z z t . again envisions R.A. Salvatore rubbing his palms and grinning wickedly

On air now: Sunlight, Natalie Imbruglia (White Lilies Island, 2001)

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