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I hate it when the...

I hate it when the time of the month comes during the wrong time. :|

Already I am wishing I am back home. Tough luck. Still need to slave through the next three days.

On another note, I managed to download a Matrix: Reloaded footage from one of the student’s website on the university’s Intranet servers. The movie will only be released in May 2003. groaaaaan That’s such a long wait – four years, to be exact. Mind you, I’m counting from 1999, when The Matrix first mesmerized me.

A little off topic: my roommate just pushed my head forward. I hate it when she does that. sigh I seem to be getting bullied all the time.. people’d pinch me, beat me, strangle me.. but heck, I always remind myself that they are my friends, and I try to tolerate their actions whenever possible, although I know deep down, I have been on the verge of exploding every time it happens.

Anyway! I shall attempt to stir our way back to The Matrix... :D I read a great review on the movie yesterday – just thought I’d share it to any fans out there. It’s the most amusing piece of review I’ve ever read for a movie.. Perhaps Morpheus would have said something like, “You have to read it for yourself”. :P To the reviewer, the movie has been describe as “a brilliant and nuanced study of homoeroticism and a cautionary tale of cross-generational sexual love”. Or how about stuff like: “The print media has, by and large, insisted that the film’s lead character Neo (played by Keanu Reeves) is supposed to be a Christ figure and that the arc of the story really parallels a sort of religious transformation � a delivery of the truth. To the contrary, the transformation at issue is one of “closetedness” to openly gay life.”

Enough said. It’s posted up at Epinions.com.

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