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Ugh.. what's with the university's...

Ugh.. what’s with the university’s connection today? It sure was sucky.. couldn’t even connect to IRC or even Yahoo! Messenger, the students’ staple messenger system. :/ Felt as though I was totally out of contact from the world, and it’s just annoying to see a page not being to load. The only websites viewable were the ones located on the university’s Intranet servers, and the totally boring bulletin board. Geez.. I hope I wouldn’t go through that again.

Another bad thing is that well.. thick smoke from the forest fires in the country have begun to float around the campus.. gah. It’s amazing how the whole place can be so hazy when you are away in class for 2 hours, only to come out to inhale and suffocate. :/ It has been going on for the past three days. Some places are already facing water shortages due to the extremely hot and dry weather. Not to mention our health! There seems to be something wrong with my right eye.. feels itchy and it’s beginning to go red. sigh

Moving on.. well.. for the past two days I have been receiving supportive response for the BolehBlogs net ring. But then again, I guess I’m not just used to having three submissions per day, amounting to six already for these two days. Don’t frown at that small number, it means a lot! Uh, well, it simply means that I’m another step ahead in compiling Malaysian weblogs together. :)

Hm.. I’ll be home osn Friday. :/ Courtesy of yet another extra class for Computer Graphics. Once I’m home, I’ll put up that new layout of mine, edition four.. it should last for a month or so.., I hope. I’ve already got edition five up, and it’s got Incubus in it. :P Well, Incubus fans will have to wait a month or so before that layout will be up. Need to go through the order, you know? :P

On air now: Beauty on the Fire, Natalie Imbruglia (White Lilies Island, 2001)

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