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Sigh. Back to dear ol' uni again.

sigh Back to dear ol’ uni again. Might or might not be heading off to the beaches of Port Dickson (a town in Negeri Sembilan, one of 14 states in Malaysia). And it’s not for a break.. it’s a class trip. If it works out, that is. Long story. :|

I had yet another of those random thoughts on life today. In life, time (and luck, maybe) is everything. Suppose you were to go to a bookstore today. You left, say, ten minutes earlier. Your long-lost friend called your house phone five minutes later. Of course, you weren’t at home to receive the call. And so, your friend didn’t manage to get to you..

But if you received the call, you might have found out that he wanted to ask you out, after oh-so-long. After all these times he has finally thought of asking you out, and you weren’t around to say yes.

And thus, your life takes a different route.. should you agree to seeing him, romance might blossom, you end up marrying him, and bearing him three beautiful children. All this would happen if only you didn’t leave ten minutes earlier.

But wait.. you left ten minutes earlier to the bookstore. You managed to snap up the last copy of an autographed book from your favourite writer. You had been looking for the book everywhere, but you have no idea as to why have you been so unfortunate. However, this time you were considered lucky.. for if you arrive a few minutes later, the book will end up in someone else’s hands.

It’s amazing how unpredictable life could be. And all because of a little luck, and being at the right place at the right time.

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