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If you want to, I can save you...

—If you want to, I can save you…..—Argh.. maybe I am beginning to wish someone will save me from the study trip. Well.. that trip to Port Dickson is still on. So I guess I won’t be around from Tuesday until Thursday. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to the computer Thursday night. In case you’re wondering, I’m not a computer addict. :P It’s just that I take it as a duty for me to constantly update this website, and I don’t feel good not logging in and checking out where my visitors surfed in from (ahh, the wonders of Internet – people from different parts of the world stops by the website); instead, I am to go for a trip that I would not have gone for.. but what’s the use of throwing RM230 to waste? I could have bought almost six freakin CDs with that amount of money. Hmph.

As you can tell, I’m not very happy about the prospects of going along for this trip. Not at all. I wish the time would go by real fast, so fast that before long, I will be back here, ranting again, resuming my routines as usual.

I thought my redirect URL (rantglass.says.it) was gone for good when I found out that the page only executed one lame word: “Soon”. A quick check to the main website at has.it was done, to the same results. looks at the word “soon” and jabs at it repeatedly Thank goodness, it was up again after a few hours.. well.. just in case if you are a new visitor to the website, do take note that there are two working URLs to get here: rantglass.says.it or rantglass.port5.com.

And I wonder if is it the university connection that’s hindering us from connecting to Yahoo! Messenger for these few days; or was it Yahoo!’s fault? I blame it on the former. It’s just unreliable.. although it’s free. :D This afternoon was the worst. Even the ever useful Google couldn’t load. Speaking of which.. two days ago, I mistyped Google and ended up here. It’s a wonder how a little change to an URL will lead you to other websites. :D

Sigh.. maybe I should just shut up, and try to be optimistic about the whole trip. Breathe in, breathe out.. rock on to more songs.. heeeooowargh..!

On air now: Satellite, Natalie Imbruglia (White Lilies Island, 2001)

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