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Cause I wanted to fly, and you give me...

Cause I wanted to fly, and you give me your wings—Okay, I’m back from my three-day class trip to the beach. And many shades darker. My skin is beginning to feel itchy. I take it as a sign that I’m sunburnt. sigh I wonder if will I be able to pass off as a Malay with this skin colour…..

Oh well, I guess I’ll just ramble about the trip. It didn’t start out well. Being classified as a male species doesn’t help much either. For the uninitiated, be reminded that you are reading this pathetic blog by a girl. I didn’t recall having gone through a gender change when I saw my name among the boys on the bus list, marked as L – for lelaki (male in Malay). smirks Not to worry though – there were two other girls with the same predicament as me. Needless to say, we were the oddballs in the bus.

No, it doesn’t stop there. I found out that since I was supposed to be a boy, I should be sharing a room with them. Hm. But, having grown up in Malaysia, where gender-based issues might just kick up a ruckus, the lecturers managed to transformed me back into my own self (read: a g-i-r-l) and I found myself stuck with 11 others in an apartment unit fit for 8 people. Thus, there were some problems with a few close friends and I regarding our accomodation, which is just too complicated for me to elaborate here.

Thankfully, the lecturers managed to secure another apartment unit for my buddies and I. :) We only got to move in on the second day. The trip kinda picked up then.. we were finally enjoying ourselves, basking in the sun, doing assignments (yes, you read right) – but rather fun ones – like building sand sculptures. I believe I’ve not been to the beach for yonks.

Oh, bah! Anyhow, I’m back, and I will be moving into a new host soon – most probably by this weekend. Be aware of a change in the website address. :)

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