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Argh.. I'm in such a dilemma.

Argh.. I’m in such a dilemma. Such a fix. Such a problem.

My application to stay on-campus for the new term has been approved. However, I had already decided long ago that I would stay out – a few friends and I managed to get an apartment unit for ourselves. But after a discussion with my parents, they had insisted that I should stay on-campus. sigh

The problem is: I do not like to stay in the hostel. Either I’m hard to please, or I’m just plain sick of the environment – but I can’t bear to stay on-campus. However, there are loads of benefits in staying on-campus: which is why my parents prefer me to stay within the university’s premises. Among them: security (hello? The guard tends to fall asleep), convenience (yeah, like having to fill in a form and go all the way to a lone security building to get their permission to bring out our computers), and the price (uh..). I need to pay only RM 300-RM400 a term (there are 3 terms, and each term takes about four months). What I don’t like about staying on-campus is the small, cramped room which I will be sharing with two others. The bathrooms and the kitchens are not in a condition in which I’d call clean and accomodating.. or maybe I’m just too picky. Which is why I have always wanted to return home for the weekends. To date, I have not spent a weekend on-campus (save for during the holidays).

If I am to stay off-campus, I will have to take a 5 to 10 minutes walk to uni. The rental of the newly built apartment unit, if divided among 7 people will total to RM200 per month. The rooms are bound to be clean and spanking new. The only “oh-uh” is that I will be staying with three boys, and the bigger issue of moolah; money. :|

tears out all her hair in frustration

The only comforting thing today is that I managed to listen to my first dose of Darren HayesInsatiable. It gave me goosebumps but I really like the lyrics – although it’s a bit too slow for my liking.

One thing for sure: he has an incredible voice. Oh, to fall in love with him again…..

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