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My love for you insatiable...

My love for you insatiable—Ah well. My accomodation problem has been pretty much solved. I have to stay on-campus whether I like it or not – parents’ words. shrugs Isn’t that an easy solution? There’s still some other related problems which are quite complicated for me to say here, so I’ll just get on with my life and spare you from any excessive head-scratching.

Fine, I’ll stay in! So be it! And nothing’s gonna change that anymore! I hope I won’t have to talk about this anymore.

The Formula One season has begun. I didn’t catch the race today though.. but I heard it was action-packed. Only eight cars (out of 22) finished the incident-marred race. Needless to say, it was expected that Michael Schumacher would keep his head on and win the race. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that both Minardi cars managed to get to the finish line, with fellow Malaysian Alex Yoong coming in seventh. Three cheers for him! :D

Moving on.. I’ll ramble about Darren Hayes again. I managed to get a nice, full version of Insatiable in mp3 format, and woo.. his vocals. Aaaah. The only thing I do not quite like about the song is during the beginning, when he launches into “oohs” and “aahs” and “uhhs”. It sounds as if he was having difficulty breathing.. maybe I could do CPR on him then. wink smacks self The song’s still too slow for me – however, it’s those type of rare songs that gradually grows in you, digging deep into your heart. Heck, Spin, his debut solo album will be released in Asia on the 18th of March 2002. All the more reason why I should get down to Tower Records (provided they have a cheap sale there) and get the album (along with others, like Incubus’s Morning View).

Darn, it just brings back those Savage Garden memories….. and he has decided to keep his hair rather than have a buzz cut ala Affirmation days. :D In fact, if you didn’t notice, one of the reasons why I chose to be hosted at insatiably.net (apart from the beautiful name, that is) is because of him.

Enough. :)

On air now: Aqueous Transmission, Incubus (Morning View, 2001)

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