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While I was on my way to dinner...

While I was on my way to dinner, my roommate and I saw a newly born kitten, crawling on a rag. Two tall (but small) boxes of milk stood beside an empty plastic bowl, which was too high for it to reach. It could hardly open its eyes yet, and it kept mewing softly, but in a pitiful kind of way.. or maybe it’s just because I’m an animal lover.. but both of us did not know what to do. My heart tinged with sadness and sympathy. But then, I couldn’t bear to do anything to it, lest I made it feel more miserable.

When we return from dinner, it was already sleeping peacefully.

Animals are a wonder. They help humans in so many ways possible: be it through our daily life (especially disabled people: for example, the life of Anthony Thanasayan), life-risking tasks (sniffing for bombs), machines (ploughing fields), and on and on and on. I remembered when I was younger, a teacher used to discuss the differences between humans and animals. She mentioned that we as humans have been blessed with the ability to have feelings, and to think. However, animals rarely put their brain into good use: but they have feelings.

That’s what she thinks. I like to think that everything that exists in this world are treated with equality by the gods. I’m not very much into religion, although I have been stating myself as a “Buddhist” on almost every form imaginable.

Back to the poor little kitten. I’m sure its mother didn’t put it on a rag, got her baby those two boxes of milk. These things can only be done by humans. Why the need to separate the kitten from its mother? Somehow, that’s the thing most of us will do whenever we see new born kittens without their mothers by their sides. Somehow, we’ll just pick them up and toss them into a box, and bring it elsewhere. Somehow, we had unwillingly separated the kittens from their mother. And somehow, we had made the innocent kittens greet their new life without their mother.

Will we ever change? sigh

On to a brighter note.. well, quite some posts back, I commented on The Chemical Brothers’ latest effort, Star Guitar. I mentioned that the video was kind of ‘cute’.. and I couldn’t really describe it back then. The video moved to the pace of the music, accenting at the right moments, hitting the right spots at the right time. Uhm. Anyhow, I found this informative link. The video is available at the-raft.com,and believe me, it’s worth a watch.

On air now: Star Guitar, Chemical Brothers (Come With Us, 2001)

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