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“My friends tell me I have an awesome voice.”

I guess that makes 95% of the people drawn to singing auditions. Unfortunately, watching the participants execute strange, robotic-like dance moves and trembling, high-pitched voices that tend to make us cringe every now and then, has inadvertently become somewhat a source of entertainment.

It was not meant to be that way.

So who is to blame here?

Case scenario: friends of a fellow participant had been urging her on to become the next best thing in Tinseltown. With a sweet smile and a casual flick of a lone strand of her brown hair away from her face, she launches into song in front of a panel of judges, and awaits with bated breath for the verdict. After all, Sara had told her that she possesses the kind of voice fit to belt out tunes that would melt a guy’s heart. So did Josh – “You’ve been doing it right all this while – send us a postcard from Hollywood!”. Nothing could go wrong. Maybe another megawatt smile should do the trick.

The colourful judges attempt to keep a straight face, which then gives way to a chorus of guffaws and snorts, before bursting into peals of laughter: “That’s the weirdest voice I’ve ever heard!” There has always got to be a judge who would assume the role of the resident baddie, complete with various facial features and quick hand movements that usually depict dismissal and rejection.

Maybe that was just brutal honesty.

Now, when can honesty not be the best policy?

Are you sure your friends usually mean what they say?

“No, we can’t tell it to his face that he has been singing off-key all this while.”
“But it’d be suicide if he goes ahead to the auditions!”
“Well, he can always become the next William Hung.”

Perhaps they do have a little bit of trouble with their hearing.

I assure you though, when I sing I definitely do not bring sunshine and happiness to anyone’s heart. I wonder what made me joined the school’s choir club anyway. Sheesh.

On air now: The Shining, Badly Drawn Boy

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