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Couldn't post yesterday because...

Couldn’t post yesterday because Blogger was down for maintenance work. And that was right after I pressed the “Post and Publish” button, with a long post to boot. It didn’t get through, of course. Hmph.

I thought yesterday was going to be yet a mediocre day. I was in the computer lab, waiting for my Computer Graphics tutor, and I logged in to Yahoo! Messenger. A message popped up as soon as I got connected.

< X > hi
< X > rantglass.net
< me > Ack!!
< me > What did you do?!

Well, what did X do? X got me a domain name!! I guess X must have read this post on 5B2K, a blog I share with my university mate Sze and Deb. rantglass.net is a free redirection URL by MyDomain; but technically, we do need to pay for a domain name, right? Well, X wouldn’t let me know how much X paid, but I promised to “repay” X by sending X a daily message on Yahoo! everyday, bugging X about the price, and hopefully, X will eventually give in. :D I do not like to owe people anything, be it a favour, or just plain ol’ money.

What, you get a domain name and already you’re feeling excited? It’s not a big deal, you say.. but it is to me. I thought of getting one when I’m older, paying from my salary. I could get one for myself now, of course.. but I do not quite know how to pay for it. I don’t have a credit card; I’m sure my parents will go, “Eh? A domain name? Whatever for? Wasting money..”; my brother will say, “You don’t need a domain name now!”.

Well, X, all said and done – a very big thank you to you: you know who you are. You’ve certainly made my day (and the days to come, provided if the thought of having my own domain name at last still hasn’t extinguish my euphoria), and letting me have my own feeling and experience of having a domain name now. :)

Moving on.. I realised that my friends still do not know me very well. Maybe I’m a chameleon, maybe I’m fickle.. but they have always known me to be the obedient, honest, sensible, practical type of person. It came as a surprise when I told my roommate I would be skipping class yesterday.. again. That makes two in two weeks. I decided that would be the first and last class I will be skipping for this study year.

“Are you (insert my name)?? You wouldn’t do that!” My roommate exclaimed with a horrified expression on her face, to which I replied with a smile, “Well, it shows that you don’t know me very well yet.”

I’m the introvert, shy, lurking in the shadows, cowering behind people, type of person. I do not like to be in the centre of attraction; neither do I like to express myself visually (body movements, or speaking face to face). I do it behind the comfort of my own computer – that is, blogging and writing – or through music. I also have a hint of rebellion in me. I do fight back (with bitter sarcasm) when provoked. Or maybe that’s how well I know about me..

.. for I have not quite discovered my true self yet. Is there more to me than meets the eye? Will I ever find out?

I guess I will never do.

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