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Mmfph.. still rushing with assignments...

Mmfph.. still rushing with assignments, and the haze seems to be getting worse. Ashes fly all around campus today, and we all smell bad because of the smoke. I wonder what’s going on out there.. and does anyone give a darn about our situation here? In fact, I wonder if I’ll wear those masks if given one..

Somehow, I’m beginning to swear using the big F word. :| I usually don’t do that.. I used to say only the mild ones, and of course, I won’t demonstrate here, lest I pollute the minds of innocent souls that frequent this website. Lately, when something went wrong, the F word automatically appears in my head.. and today, I said it out loud – luckily, only my buddy Sze heard.. or did she not? rubs her chin thoughtfully I hope this will pass. I don’t want to say the F word ever again. It makes me feel I’m not being myself, as if another person is living inside me, occasionally creeping out to say the F word. Ugh.

Got this link from Jean Bond and did this today: Diablo II Character Test. I’ve only played Diablo though, and missed out on those new characters they have on Diablo II.

“You are the wise sorceress, learned in the arts of magic. You rebel against the traditional gender roles of your world. You are independent and know what you want – and exactly how to get it. You prefer to rely on yourself and your own personal strengths.”

Hm.. not quite. I want to be a ranger, more like Drizzt Do’Urden (do I hear some groans from the readers?). Magic arts? Not bad.. I wouldn’t mind learning that. I would really love to have a go at archery and swordsmanship, though….. :/

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