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Been doing some thinking on my future studies. Boring stuff, yes, and I don’t do that a lot. However, a comment from my Computer Graphics tutor made me think again about my design major. Currently, I am interested in these two majors: Film and Animation, and Digital Media.

The former, of course, says it all: we will be dealing with films, animations, lots of drawing and 3D stuff. One of my major influences was The Matrix – somehow I imagined myself doing the bullet time scenes, creating visual effects from a high-powered computer, and doesn’t it just feels good to see your name rolling up in the credits of a big movie? I wanted to join Animal Logic, one of the special effects company which worked in that intelligent movie. I thought of majoring in this since there is a limited amount of local colleges or universities offering this subject.

Digital Media, on the other hand, will be dealing with the merging of content and form in design, animation, sound, and other relative digital technology applications, or producing CDs, websites, stuff like that. A lecturer once said that this field will involve a lot of Photoshop, and I thought that’s fine with me.. because I totally love working with Photoshop. It doesn’t sound as appealing as Film and Animation, does it? But I thought, since I have already developed a passion for messing up and coming up with silly images through Photoshop, I might as well go for it.

Well, today my Computer Graphics tutor commented on the layout I did for an assignment.. and he thought it was good – and that I should consider going for Digital Media. I hope he was telling the truth, and being sincere! Then again, there’s still another year for me to think, since we will only be choosing our major next year.. and well, it’s never too early to think it over, no? Most of my friends have decided upon going for Film and Animation, though.

Think The Matrix.
I envision Morpheus extending both his hands: on his right palm, a red pill, and the other, a blue pill.
Similarity: there will be no turning back once I decided on my major.
Difference: I want both pills – because I still can’t decide which to take and pop in my mouth.

Me hmms.

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