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Oi! What's with the connection today?

Oi! What’s with the connection today? I can’t even get to someplace as simple as Google.com or Yahoo.com. Hmph. Free things don’t come easily these days, do they? I’m sure that our so-called free connection has been included in the hostel bill I pay every trimester.. the bill comes up to almost RM400 per trimester. :D Staring at Yahoo! Messenger and clicking on “Login to Yahoo” tends to get a bit boring after the gazillionth time. Hold – it ain’t Yahoo’s fault, that’s for sure. I can connect as quick as a breeze when I’m at home. However, for the next study session I will be staying on-campus again: somehow it’s torturous to go through such a connection daily, but as I said earlier – and I still believe that – free things don’t come easy, and they aren’t exactly free.

Finally.. rain! It was a rather heavy one too.. that should be able to wash away the haze, and reduce water rationing in a few areas. Oddly enough, I still feel a little hot. The heat from the ground floats up, and it makes me feel as if I’m going to get a fever – or maybe I am going to be sick. Hm.

Am listening to some “older” songs by Incubus.. somehow, a few of the songs seem to sound a bit like Dave Matthews Band. I don’t know why. :D I hope she wouldn’t bonked me or anything.

Sookie has a pretty and neat new layout up. A lot of people have been using that colour scheme lately – me myself included. I think it’s beautiful though.. :)

Bah! If only I could apply some soap or oil to speed up the freakin connection.

On air now: Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song), Incubus (S.C.I.E.N.C.E, 1997)

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