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Ooh. When I woke up this morning...

Ooh. When I woke up this morning, I thought it would be a beautiful day. The sky was blue, and there were a few white puffy clouds dotting the sky. Yesterday’s much awaited heavy rain had indeed washed away the haze, leaving beautiful sceneries for the eyes to see. There was a soft, cool breeze – something really uncommon here. Birds flew freely, chirping happily. In the distance, a lone car speeds past on the highway. As the sun rises, staying directly overhead, it became scorching hot though.. and dust floated up as trucks roared by the brownish-orange grounds not too far away, kicking up the development and growth of Cyberjaya, Malaysia’s so-called Silicon Valley. sigh Guess I’m still far from the thought of having vacations and holidays.. at least, not until my final examinations finishes in early April.

I wonder if we’ll still get to see the lush, pure greenery we are now fighting to preserve in say, fifty years’ time? Earth seems to be getting wiped out. It makes me ponder at times.. how will the end of the world be? I remembered back then, when I was younger, a friend told me that the end of the world would happen in year 2000. And I believed it. You’ll smirk and say “Strizzt, you’re still here! Nyah-ha!”. Well, I don’t know.. as the year 2000 approaches, I rarely give the issue a thought. Those Nostradamus predictions popped up a lot after the September 11 attacks, and they were not very encouraging. Did he really have the ability to tell the future – as to nearly half a century later?

Sometimes some things are better left unturned. Some are better left unsaid.

Check this out. Being the Matrixholic I am, I’d love to get a Lego Sentinel (one of the sentient programs). :D The Nebuchadnezzar (hovercraft) looks really good (although I thought the spiky points look a bit weird)! Imagine the amount of time, effort and determination the creator had put in for this.. wow.

Heck, I don’t have much merchandise on the movie itself. :( Let me see.. I own the VCD (not a pirated one, mind you!), a cassette to the soundtrack (love it – especially Spybreak! by the Propellerheads and Rage Against the Machine’s Wake Up), the Art of the Matrix book (aaah.. bliss!), and a transparent-with-flowing-green-codes Agent Smith action figure (complete with miniature guns, hee). Couldn’t really get the comics and action figures anywhere here. I once thought of establishing a Matrix based merchandise shop online (i.e. selling trenchcoats, sunglasses, action figures, comics, boots and other stuff based on the movie :P), since I couldn’t get the stuff easily here.. but I think it kind of died off. Maybe the fire in me will be resurrected when the sequels are released next year.. :)

Gah! If only I could apply some soap or oil to speed up the freakin connection. Again.

On air now: Aqueous Transmission, Incubus (Morning View, 2001)

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