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Since rain finally fell from the...

Since rain finally fell from the skies almost two days ago, I’ve realised that I just love watching the scenery from the stairs leading up to my hostel room. Yesterday night, after the rehearsal, as I returned to my room I caught a glimpse of twinkling lights far off in the distance.. it was actually Genting Highlands, a resort located on the top of a mountain. It takes about one and a half hours to drive up to Genting from Kuala Lumpur (capital city of Malaysia), and serves as a major getaway for Malaysians (and Singaporeans) to escape the heat (both from the weather and the routine dull worklife). It has become more of an amusement and entertainment park, though. I myself might be heading up there this weekend with my family to catch a concert of some sort by Jim Brickman – but my parents are more concerned about my studies (since I will have to finish two major projects and 3 quizzes next week) and our trip may be cancelled. Ah well…..

Today was another beautiful day. I’m so happy that the haze is finally gone, and I can see everything so clearly for miles. I don’t understand why I had not pause to admire the scenery even before the dirty haze enveloped us since the past few weeks. I thought I felt myself levitate when I saw the blue mountains and the lush greenery this morning (minus the brownish-orange grounds). The words “What a beautiful day” kept appearing in my mind, and I felt as though nothing would ever go wrong today. Fortunately, pretty much everything went well today – surprisingly, the group members involved in presenting our English media based production – a website – did a good job.

Sometimes what people say is true: You only think of what you treasure after you’ve lost it.

Moving on.. Hm. Did this blog-related quiz. Found it through Zhi Ling’s.

Score: 40/100
“TYPE U (HIT-UNDECIDED). You have a healthy number of readers that you’d like to maintain but you don’t think you can keep them happy all the time. It bothers you when your weblog gets less hits than usual. You know there are things you can do to increase hits to your weblog but you just don’t think you’re desperate enough to actually try it.”

So eek, yeah. I am not desperate enough to include new stuff in my weblog. Think it’s healthy? I do enjoy blogging, and I check my website statistics almost five times a day – that’s because I spend way too much time online. This might stop though: seems that the splitter is only working on one side; thus, two people cannot be online at the same time. There’s three of us to a room, so.. I’m blogging now just in case I wouldn’t have the chance to do it later at night. :)

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