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Darn. I can never remember my dreams...

Darn. I can never remember my dreams these days. Try as I might, I couldn’t seem to recall anything, eventhough I am sure that I did dream.

In case you’re wondering.. yeah, I love dreams. They are just so mysterious, so… undescribable. Sometimes they can tell the future; sometimes they are a premonition. Other times, they jolt you awake at night, leaving you gasping for breath. Occasionally, they make you shed a tear or two. Some dreams can be so real, it stays in your mind, creeping into your thoughts every now and then. I write my.. uh, favourite dreams into what I call a dream journal, and I totally enjoy recalling those beautiful dreams whenever I read it.

It doesn’t seem to happen to me anymore. My dreams fly away as soon as I wake up, vanishing like a puff of pure, white smoke, drifting away from me. I forget my dreams. And I can’t write them down – because either there’s something wrong with my memory, or my mind likes playing tricks on me.

It has been written on most websites that we dream in monochrome colours: black and white. However, we see them in colour because we painted the dream ourselves. Blind people can dream, too.

I wish I can interpret dreams. sigh

On another note, the trip to Genting Highlands was cancelled. Studies comes first. :D Still, I’m at home now. Away from uni. phew

I think this has been the longest layout up since I started this website two months ago. I’m beginning to get sick of this layout already – it must have been up for at least a month (this is layout number 4). My other layouts lasted for two weeks or so. Will upload the new one in two weeks time.

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