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Blergh. It's pretty hot today.

Blergh. It’s pretty hot today. I’ve never had the luxury of having an air conditioner in the house.. and in this hostel room, we rely on the fan which is switched on practically 24 hours a day – and it’s not enough to spare us from the heat. I had to tie my short hair up: to which my roommate commented it looked “cute”. Eek. I never liked long hair – it’s too tedious; besides, I’m just plain lazy to tie it up all the time, especially for school.

Shinya is right, of course.. about WowFM, which is indeed a cool station, playing all the good, new songs. Not like I’m dissing the ol mighty Hitz.FM, which keeps playing and repeating songs as if there’s no tomorrow.. Anyhow, although WowFM does repeat some songs during a long period of time, but I don’t mind because it’s the songs I like (pfft, I’m being biased), and not having to listen to Britney Spears pondering if there’s anything wrong with her (since she’s not a girl, not yet a woman.. a guy, then?) or Chester Bennington of Linkin Park screaming his heart out for the umpteenth time on Hitz.FM could be uh, unhealthy. Seriously speaking, I am getting tired of Linkin Park already. I haven’t even touched the album for quite some time. :D And it’s no thanks to radio stations like that spewing and churning out overplayed hits (In the End, anyone?). That’s what made me switched over to WowFM in the first place.

On another note, I seem to becoming more interested in electronica/dance music lately. It started with Kylie Minogue’s Can’t Get You Out of My Head.. then to Chemical BrothersStar Guitar and now.. gasp! Sophie Ellis Baxtor (reported to be in the next James Bond flick, Bond 20) with her Murder on the Dance Floor.

Oh well. I just wish Tower Records will be having a cheap sale soon. I must have complained this to everyone.. but all of them were not associated with the record store. Darn. No one can take my hints.

My family and I went to a hi-tea buffet today at Federal Hotel. Loads of people there today. I sat about two tables away from a family who came in right after we settled down. There was an old woman who I assumed was the grandmother of the three bubbly kids that came with their parents. After the children had sat down, the old woman immediately went to get food.. and came back with a humongous plate of mixed rice. A mountain of mixed rice, rather – to which she gave to her grandchildren. Her daughter (in-law) seemed to have an embarrassed look on her face. By their expressions, I think the young lady told the older woman that eating in buffets would be different – and that they needn’t be taking such an amount of food, as if the dishes will be running away with little hands and feet.

The transitions of time. The different generations. Still, we are living our lives in the same world, at the same time.. oblivious…..

On air now: I Miss You, Incubus

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