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Darn.. didn't get to catch the...

Darn.. didn’t get to catch the Academy Awards today. :| The results were pretty good though.. not too biased, and still, some unexpected winners.

Russell Crowe didn’t win Best Actor for A Beautiful Mind. Good. wink No offence to his fans out there.. but I wouldn’t give the award to an actor with an overblown ego such as him. True, Crowe does a good job in acting – but that doesn’t necessarily make him a good actor. He needs to exercise a generous amount of respect to others. Heck, he’s beginning to sound like Val Kilmer to me.

Halle Berry received the award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for Monster’s Ball. Darn, got to catch the movie.. also, would love to have a go at Training Day (aah, my type of movie), to which Denzel Washington did it again by garnering the best actor award. Pfft. I’m so outdated in terms of movies.. I don’t go to the cinemas a lot – perhaps, less than ten times in a year (except for my self named “Movie Marathon” in December 2001 – 5 movies in that month alone :D). shudder

And hey.. The Fellowship of the Ring- didn’t get as many awards as I thought it would – still, a generous number of 4 Oscars should be enough. Truly deserved it.. such a beautiful movie – have only watched it once. wink Also, have heard a lot about Amelie – will it be shown here, or has it already? Hm.

:( Me wanna watch Ice Age..... Hopefully it’s still shown at the shopping centre near my house after I’m done with my finals.

On air now: Youth of the Nation, P.O.D. (Satellite, 2001)

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