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Ugh.. a tiring day.

Ugh.. a tiring day. Our Creative Expression performance was today: we were under the colonials theme, where we were to portray the happenings during colonial times – the Portuguese, Dutch and British have once conquered Malacca (state in Malaysia) since the 15th century, and I had a minor role: a British officer, waving flags and “pretending” to fight with the Dutch (history: the Dutch and the British signed an agreement in the 1800s, in which the British exchanged Malacca, a world famous shipping port in Malaysia back then, with the Dutch – they received Indonesia’s Bangkahulu in return).

Well, I’m just glad that the play has been finally over and done with. One less issue to think about. No more meetings; no more rehearsals; no more costumes. Our costume designer really went to extremes to ensure that we were well-fitted for the play – kudos to her. Anyhow, I enjoyed myself, yes.. but acting’s just not my interest, and I hope I won’t have to do it again. I’m just not the type of person who likes to be at the centre of attraction – I like to stay in the shadows. So you can imagine the ruckus I would cause if I were to be tested on public speaking….. most probably you’ll see me writing identical posts here, ranting about public speaking. :D However, things would be different if I were to be a guitarist in a band.. because I would be doing what I love doing most – making music. Now, if I can just pester my brother into giving me guitar lessons..

Hm. Too bad no one got us toy guns for the play. I would love to handle a toy gun – preferbly the ones that squirt water – and play with it. :) I remember I used to play with my brother using toy guns, spraying water all over the house and in the garden. Wow, those old times….. it leads me to think of those wonderful television shows: Transformers, Smurfs, He-Man.. uh, Little Pony and Friends.. :D Where have all these classics go? Geez.

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