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Today was a pretty free day...

Today was a pretty free day for me.. although I did get some errands done, still managed to do a lot of surfing, looking at some cool design websites. And all I can say is.. whoa. The designs and layouts are just so beautiful, and they have definitely gone to extremes to produce them. Some of the websites I have already listed under my design links since I started this website two months ago points to lower right. Went to Karborn, Dubtastic, Spoono (am always reminded by The Matrix whenever I see the word ‘spoon’), Gmunk, Kelgan, SevenGarden.. two of them are Malaysian made. Yeah. ;) Suddenly I have the urge to come up with neat layouts such as theirs and dump all of mine aside.


Am listening to Alanis Morissette’s new album, Under Rug Swept. I like it. She brought back her Jagged Little Pill (her first album) days.. and somehow I am reminded of the time when my friend and I were to teach some students a song. Ah well, I was in high school’s choir club. ;) Both of us were in charge of the club (sort of) back in 1996 or 1997, (with a teacher advisor who would look after the meeting) and we had to get the choir members new songs to sing (yeah, that’s basically what the club does back then) and uh, I know it’s an odd selection, but both of us were rock music lovers and we chose Duncan Sheik’s Barely Breathing. Yeah. :D When we played the song on the radio, the teacher looked at us with an odd expression on her face.. as if trying to comprehend any “hidden” intentions of ours. We grinned back at her, but she let us teach the choir members anyway..

They ended up asking if they could sing some Backstreet Boys song. I don’t remember what song. Blergh. The meeting ended earlier than expected, and I think we got them “easier” songs to sing after that.. which I can’t recall now. Pfft.

Suffice to say, I didn’t join the club the year after. :P

On air now: That Particular Time, Alanis Morissette (Under Rug Swept, 2002)

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