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Sigh. I thought I will be able to...

Sigh. I thought I will be able to maintain my personal record of going home for the weekends since I started uni last year, but I guess it was not meant to be. My chief reporter (I’m in the uni’s Student Publication Board – and yours truly is just a lowly reporter) has asked me to be present and report the happenings during the Convocation Day this Saturday. Such great timing – heck, I’ll be having my finals next week, and the week after, I will have my holidays and return to uni as a first-year (am currently doing pre-university studies). I just can’t escape from it because I don’t have any good excuses. I know I won’t be able to study efficiently in uni – the condition of my stuffy room in the hostel is just uninspiring and uninviting. Besides, the computer seems to be able to send me telepathic messages (“come to me, baby!”) and I will eventually end up sitting in front of the computer, taking advantage of the free (and currently fast) internet access.

I won’t be able to read the week’s newspapers! I’ll be missing out in a lot of things! And I know my roommate must be bored of my rantings of not being able to return home until next Saturday – after my finals are done. You’d say “Gee, Strizzt, can’t you stay in hostel for another week or so? Those guys from Sabah and Sarawak are only able to go home like, twice a year!”. nods I know, I know. But it’s just my thinking of ‘so close, yet so far’. My house is just 40 minutes away and I’m stuck in this.. awful place.

Why awful? The adjective popped up in my head because of the events that happened this week. Water shortage on Monday; electricity cut on Tuesday, water shortage (yes, again!) on Wednesday and Thursday (thankfully, the water supply was back an hour ago). I had to go to the toilets (practically the only place with water at that moment) near the lecture halls to take my shower. During our last water cut a few months back, we ‘seek refuge’ at our faculty building.

Whoever said staying on-campus could be fun can try staying here. Hmpfh.

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