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Ugh.. still in uni on a Friday night!

Ugh.. still in uni on a Friday night! It’s pretty empty and quiet. Most of the students are at home now.. unlike me! Argh! Gee, I can’t wait to get this week done with.. and my chief reporter just dropped a bombshell – that I’ll be heading the group of reporters and photographers who will be covering the major event in uni – the Convocation Day. I wonder if I will be up by 7am tomorrow.. the ceremony starts at 8.30am. I have been waking up pretty ‘early’ these days.. at 9am (during the holidays, I’m up by 10.30am). Just couldn’t be bothered to budge from bed (no classes during the morning).

I had dinner with my roommate and two other friends, including Sze. We had a set meal (consisted of two chickens, a bun, fries and cole slaw) – something like Kentucky Fried Chicken. The shop opened about a month ago, and it was my second time buying from the stall. The food isn’t too great, I guess.. there’s too much fat. The fries are salty. But then, I keep reminding myself not to set my expectations too high (funny how often this statement has been popping in my mind this week). Anyhow, it was going to rain, and the wind was blowing strongly. We were getting cold, and Sze claimed that she will be carried away by the wind. I can’t imagine how our hair looked like then. :D The polysterene plates looked set to fly off with our half-devoured chickens.. and my roommate said something that made me laugh:

“The chickens are going to fly..!”

I don’t know why did that cracked me up. I can just envision readers of this journal scratching their head, wondering if this Strizzt person is really a sicko.

I guess I can’t imagine a fried chicken “flying”. :)

On air now: You Owe Me Nothing, Alanis Morissette (Under Rug Swept, 2002)

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