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Ugh.. I'm so tired. Been running...

Ugh.. I’m so tired. Been running around today, reporting for the Convocation Day. It wasn’t quite what I expected it to be. Security was tight (was told off by two guards), loads of people were around, every now and then squabbles regarding seats for parents were heard (the hall couldn’t accomodate the large amount of people that turned up today). Names weren’t announced when the graduates went onstage to take their scrolls. All we heard was just some Malay instrumental song playing in the background. And that, was b-o-r-i-n-g.

Then I had to chase the three recipients of the President’s Award for a short interview. They were being pulled away by other experienced reporters. Blergh. How was I supposed to fit into the competition – between the rough and intimidating newspaper reporters/television presenters and yours truly, the barely-one-years’-experience, timid reporter? Managed to corner two out of the three award receivers though.

The weather was just fine: scorching heat; no cool air. How convenient.

And the state of my computer isn’t helping either. Two days earlier, my CPU seemed to emit some scary sounds – and both of my roommates asked me to shut down the computer pronto. I did, but I had my suspicions all along that it had something to do with the sound system of my computer.. Today and yesterday, I couldn’t listen to music properly. Winamp would stop for no reason at all and claim that ‘another’ device was using the sound (which, of course, there wasn’t). Even the system and program sounds wouldn’t play. It seems that the sounds are “stuck” and I couldn’t get to listen to what I depend most – music.

I can’t begin to imagine how boring my life could be.

Does anyone know what’s the problem with my computer/headset/sound card? I think it’s my sound card though. This freakin sucks.

On air now: Silence. Whispering curses.

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