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Water shortage on Monday...

Water shortage on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday; electricity cuts on Tuesday and Sunday; weird computer sounds freaking me out from Friday onwards. And all these happened while I was ‘forced’ to stay on during the weekends in uni. I guess I should also add I’ll be having my finals this week onwards.

What a week. Does all that happen to you at one go? Coincidence.. or payback time? Funny how things tend to happen when my routine changes. Sometimes things are just meant to happen, without any reason at all. Other times, they happen because you might have altered the ‘balance’.

That’s why I never understand life – or to be precise.. fate.

Anyhow, here’s a Human Scanner Virus. My comments are in italic.
Viruses you suffer from:

Junkfood Ack. Since when do I like junkfood?..... gee, maybe I do.
Eat some real food. Something which you can identify the source of every ingredient, not the point of manufacture.

Politics I don’t! I don’t care!
Stop caring!

Environmentalism Uh.. of course we have to look after the environment..
Consume more stuff! It’s easier to buy new stuff than to recycle.

Viruses you might suffer from:

Linux (80%) Bah.. I am using Windows. Although I must admit the penguin looks cute.
Install the latest version of Microsoft Windows. Learn to love it.

USA (70%) Oh my. :/
Rule, Britannia! Britannia rule the waves! [repeat]

Gaming (70%) Hmph. I like games, so leave me with it.
Life is not a game. Roll 3D6. On a 4 or more go out and do something with your life.

Discordia (60%) Uhuhhhhh..
Buy a suit. Invest your money. Eat hotdog buns on a friday.

Brand Names (75%) Indeed it doesn’t. I don’t care.
Having a well-known name doesn’t make it good.

Conspiracy Theory (63%) In control? Darn it.
Face it, the elected government is in control. Actually that’s quite scary.

Macintosh (60%) I am using a mouse more than one button..
Use a mouse with more than one button.

British (75%) Blergh. It ain’t a virus on me.
No need for cure. Benign virus.

Japan (60%) Yeah yeah. Whatever. I’m not into Japanese stuff either.
Big is good. Small is bad. Giant robots would not make a good last line of defence for Earth.

Winamp stalled thrice, because the sound system messed up again. I guess I will never have a smooth listen to my music anymore – that should be better than not having to listen to anything.

On air now: Beauty on the Fire, Natalie Imbruglia (White Lilies Island, 2001)

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