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Oh joy! Guess what?

Oh joy! Guess what? We’ll go to bed without brushing our teeth, because there’s the water shortage again!

I hope you can feel my sarcasm too.

Thanks to everyone who has been helping me out on the virus scare I had these past few days: particularly ToForgive, Calvin and Sze. Oh, and my brother too.. who asked me if those scary noises sounded like “doink doink doink” or “ding ding ding”. :P Anyhow, I believe he managed to give me the solution to solving this problem – he mentioned there might be problems with recently installed programs or hardware conflict. Thinking back, I did install a FTP server last Wednesday.. and the computer started going boinky the next day. Therefore, I uninstalled the program, scanned for viruses and errors, and the computer seems to be working fine….... for the moment at least. I don’t know when will it go crazy again – hopefully, never again.

Also, instead of finding viruses such as the deadly Trojan, I found a totally unrelated virus – the VBSHaptimeA@mm worm which is only supposed to attack Outlook Express users (thankfully I’m not one of them). Deleted the infected files pronto – and you – yes, you – have no ways of getting the virus from here as well, so you can breathe easily!

And I’m happily listening to Incubus and Alanis Morissette. :)

I find it amazing that ever since I started this website two months back, I’ve met a lot of different and interesting fellow bloggers.. and surprisingly those who were ‘related’ to me. Well, I got to know two bloggers who are currently studying in my university, and one who just graduated officially (i.e. the convocation) from the university; and I chatted with another blogger a few years back on IRC. Then, another fellow blogger who knows one of my coursemates.

Is the blogging world just too small.. or coincidences? Fate? Or the fact that Malaysian bloggers make up just a small amount on cyberspace?

Anyway.. how did your April Fool’s day go? Unfortunately, it wasn’t a joke today that we had to sit our Maths finals…..

On air now: Surrendering, Alanis Morissette (Under Rug Swept, 2002)

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