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Green tint.

Green tint.


Now that I have got the box in my hands, I still get the feeling that I should not take the word ‘ultimate’ a bit too literally. After all, there will be no stopping them opportunists from coming up with yet another box set, which probably boasts a full screen edition to all movies, signed pictures of the cast and crew, movie production notes and scripts – all in hardcover a la The Art Of… books, complete with a cheap, platinum box that looks as though it were infused with white, sticky goo as seen enveloping the pod people in the real world.

I have been putting off buying music CDs, sometimes out of fear that there will be the inclusion of extended editions, extras, additional tracks, Bloopers Creepers, Our First Day At Jiggy’s Recording Studio, and The Day She Filmed Our San Diego Concert (With Shaky Hands). The fact is, it can still be bought at the same price as the ones without those add-on thingamajigs.

Would that all be necessary?

How long can we wait, anyway?

As it is, I had been driving everyone up the wall with my constant shoutings of “The box! The box!”, be it to my family and friends.

Of course, we would all like to have value for money. But who is to stop us from going, “I knew I should have waited for those additional, live-in-KL tracks! I mean, I was so close to the stage, they could have even recorded me screaming my head off, y’know!”

Pfffft, I say. I shall try to be thankful with what I already have.

Although I would dearly love to have the scripts to all three movies. Damn, I should get a pen pal from the States or something so that the finely-printed clause ‘for US residents only’ will hinder me no more.

Ten years down the road, should I stumble upon the headlines of ‘The Really (Really!) Ultimate Matrix Collection Super Limited Edition Box Set’, I am going to set the resin bust on fire.

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