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Aaah.. with the final paper done...

Aaah.. with the final paper done with, I find myself peacefully at home. :) Many thanks goes out to my (former? sniff) roommates, Yuyin and WeiFen for helping me carry the countless bags, packages and the computer from our room to the car. Yep, I moved out of hostel today.. it’s the start of the holidays and the end of a study session for me. Somehow there seemed to be a lump in my throat when we were taking last minute photographs. It’s not like we are going to be separated for good, of course.. but we definitely won’t be roommates anymore (unless the hostel officers are much generous to do that!). After a year living with them, I must admit that they are such good roommate, as compared to the majorly hellish ones available out there.

And about ten minutes after I left, I realised I forgot to bring back a couple of stuff.. and we (my brother – the driver, and I) had to double back. sigh

Well, my brother’s one great guy, so we returned to uni. We haven’t had a good long chat for quite a long time – and on our way back home, we talked about a lot of things – music, movies, guitars.. we rarely meet each other these days. He’s busy with work and social life (ahem), while I’m away in uni. Thank goodness for ICQ (eventhough I tend to get disconnected a lot) – that’s our only way to communicate – especially during the virus scare times a few days back. Thanks, bro. ;)

Also.. if you haven’t notice.. (to regular visitors of the website, that is), I’ve uploaded a new layout, featuring Incubus. I don’t think this will last long, though.. the longest it will be up here might be about two weeks. Till then, enjoy Brendan Boyd. :D

On air now: I Miss You, Incubus

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