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Wow.. since the past two days...

Wow.. since the past two days, I’ve been working on a lot of stuff, and three of them have been completed: uploaded the new (old, actually) layout for this website (yes, the Incubus one you’re seeing now), 5B2K (group blog), and a new version of the IRC channel I frequent – #cafetrivia. Of all three.. I still prefer the one I did for 5B2K. I don’t really know why.. but it’s more pleasing to the eye, and as Deb says, it doesn’t reflect much coziness. She’s right.

I’ve come to realise that none of the layouts I’ve done have never have never have a welcoming sort of feeling.. the colours used are almost always dark colours like black, navy blue.. even this reddish-pink layout doesn’t seem to invoke a sense of comfort or happiness. It looks a bit dull. The choice of pictures taken and assembled together also seems to give out some negativity.. like, Brendan (the lead singer of Incubus, on the right) looking sort of dejected. Silhoulettes were used, not giving out identities of the people in it.. and lastly, they’re all jumping into the sea.

I wish I have the courage to jump into the sea too.

But I will resurface and come out of the water, gah. It’s not like I’m going to drown or something.

The thing I’m trying to say is.. the design reflects my personality. I like dark, mysterious things.. and I’m never type to go for bright, joyful, attractive colours – even if I do, the majority of colours used would be black to make a definite and strong contrast. In the end, it shows.. forlorn, loneliness.. oh, all those negative adjectives, blergh.

Anyway. Took a couple of online tests today I got from here.

Which band instrument are you?
You’re a clarinet. Sensitive, mature and hardworking, you are determined to succeed in whatever you do. The perfect role model.

Hm.. I’ve never even touched a clarinet before. :D Not sure about the sensitive part though.. and perfect role model? shakes her head

What type of kitchen utensil are you?
You are a fridge! You can keep your cool, even when faced with a heated situation. You enjoy being the center of attention, and people come to you for advice or when they want something. People also like to stick things to the front of your body.

I don’t like people sticking things to the front of my body! That’s a bit.. obscene. Gah.

Which invention are you then?
I’m new and exciting and I desperately want to evolve. I can do a million more than the others so HA!

Ooh.. cool, a computer. I need one of those Macs.

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