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Anyone here thinks they have...

Anyone here thinks they have a problem with their posture?

Well, I do. And if I keep maintaining the way it is now, sooner or later I’ll be a hunchback.. as bad as Quasimodo. Ugh. I think it has become rather obvious.

Must be the load of books I used to carry to primary school years ago.. we do not have the privilege of having lockers in our school. However, in secondary school, we get to put our books under our desks, because there was only one session, compared to my primary school which had to serve two sessions to accomodate the amount of students.

It’s already a habit for me to walk with my shoulders drooping slightly. :/ Am wondering who is at fault. Was it the Malaysian education system, which made me carry tons of books to school years ago.. or was it just me, me, and me? Yep, when something’s at fault, try to blame someone else rather than yourself. That’s the way we humans live. No doubt about that.

I did a test at colorgenics I got from Shinya’s.. and eeriely, it sounds like my previous rants on the lack of ‘true friends’ (or soulmates) were well justified. The description’s simply too long, but I have it here.

Also, thanks to all who have been providing links to my website because of the new layout up. :) You know who you are. :D

Hm. One of the local radio stations is giving away Darren Hayes’s debut solo album, Spin. I wonder…..

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