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Heard over the radio today...

Heard over the radio today: a mug that makes noises when it is empty. Courtesy of a Japanese inventor. You know, one of those tall mugs you see in a bar, usually full to the brim with bubbly beer? Don’t be alarmed if one day you are sitting in a bar, drinking beer innocently until there’s hardly a drop left, then absent mindedly put it on the table, only to hear some odd sounds coming from the mug.

Is the mug telling you that you’ve enough beer, or is it telling you to fill up more beer?

I think the invention might just be useful for those who have bad eyesight, or for those who are so terribly drunk that they can hardly make out if there’s any beer left. Might be also a new pick up line to start a conversation with the beautiful lady in red next to you.

“You have a dollar or something to shut this mug up?” or “Gee, I can’t help but feeling that only you have the power to make this mug quiet.”

But then again, aren’t bars or discos usually noisy with all those upbeat music? Who can tell if the sound is actually coming from the mug itself?


On another note, isn’t it a bit odd that sometimes, coincidence takes advantage and plays a trick on you?

There are times that coincidental events might just get you away from problems – think about an assignment you have not finished, which is due today. The lecturer wasn’t at hand for you to submit it to. Somehow, you had another chance to work on it.

On the other hand, coincidence might just drag you into more problems. Try as you might, you could never climb out of it and release yourself. I’ve been a victim of this a few times. Today is yet another one of those days.

Having been in the blogging world for a mere four months, I have learnt an additional lesson: Never make a layout two months before you are due to upload it for all to see. Even if you do, take a screen shot and have it previewed on your website just to avoid any misunderstandings or problems that might crop up. That’s what I have included today, and I will keep up this habit.

On air now: Driftwood, Travis

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