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Back, and back.

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So, the new year came and went.

Sure makes you wonder if is there really a nationwide ban on firecrackers. People seem to be looking out for any reason to bring out the firecrackers, no matter day or night. If it rains, it pours. And when the firecrackers are brought out, the annoying sounds seem to cease only hours later (after which I would have tossed and turned in bed for about 2356 times).

Had a great reunion dinner at home on the eve, thanks to the adorable antics of our latest addition to the family, who insisted on playing a part at the dinner table as well. Ian is fast approaching a year old, and he should be able to speak some intelligible words, stand and take his first few steps all by his own, soon enough. I am not quite sure if I look forward to the day when he will be able to call me ‘Aunty’.

Surprisingly, the big family gathering was more bearable this time around. I still failed to successfully blend in with my surroundings (I am particularly drawn to wooden pillars), but at least none of my relatives’ eyes strayed towards me, subjecting me to their unnecessary interrogation. I was terribly tempted to blackmail a cousin of mine by leaving, hmm, some helpful hints on his blog. After all, he kept belting out songs from Marc Anthony during a karaoke session at a Chinese restaurant. In any case, I hope he has no knowledge of his evil cousin’s personal ranting space on the Internet, yet.

For some strange reason, I was actually looking forward to the new year celebrations. But when the actual day itself came, the excitement and anticipation dissipated somewhat.

Perhaps it is true what they say: as we grow older, we fail to appreciate things even more. We look at sweets and lollipops now, and think of them as stuff for kids. Heck, toddlers can find so much joy just by tossing newspapers around.

I still am swamped with work, and I seem to be doing a mini countdown of my own. “I must get out of this hell hole, fast,” I keep reminding myself. There are days when the date looks near enough, seemingly within your grasp. Then there are the other sluggish days, where things do not seem to get done just yet. For now, however, most of the others are already counting the days, making vacation arrangements and other relevant plans upon graduation.

I simply must set aside time for Constantine.

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