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Heh.. sometimes there are some...

Heh.. sometimes there are some music videos which makes me crack a smile or grin.

Was watching Travis’s latest single, Flowers in the Window. It was about the band members stopping by at a town full of women – only that they are not just your normal women. They’re all pregnant – so you can see their stomachs all bulging out and everything. And well, what happened to the male society? One of the band members discovered that only one guy remained – and he was chained and fenced up like a dog.

As it turned out, the band members didn’t escape alive, of course. We should have a rough idea of what happened to them. ;)

It’s rather odd how the music videos musicians act in rarely has anything to do with the song. But then again, take for instance, the music video above. It would be boring to see a guy watering some flowers in the window, then skip happily to his girl’s house and give her all those beautiful flowers, right? How about songs without lyrics.. like electronica or dance music? We can’t certainly have everyone dancing in all music videos.. The Chemical BrothersStar Guitar didn’t have that. It was all about scenery, and matching the video to the beat of the music. A rather innovative concept, which I like.

Are music videos necessary? I don’t know.. but I know that I seem to be more updated in terms of music by watching the heavy rotation of music videos on MTV and Channel [V] than listening to the radio. I have been “watching” more new songs than actually “listening” to them by the radio itself. Oh, then you’ll be wondering, “Poor Strizzt. Watching music videos all day long? Sad..”

A music video is only there to support and to influence people to buy the music.

But sometimes.. music is all that matters. :)

All said and done, I’ll certainly have to get Travis’s latest album, The Invisible Band (and it’s not because of the music video!). sigh Look at all those moolah flying away already! ~~~

Where in Middle-Earth do you live?
If I lived in Middle-Earth, it would be in: The Shire

The rolling green hills, the springtime weather, and especially being surrounded by the ones you love makes the Shire a comfortable area for you. You love being surrounded only by the ones you care about, and you only desire this in an environment that is vast and open to nature, unlike in the cities or the caves.

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