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What the? I didn't watch...

What the? I didn’t watch Survivor 4: Marquesas for two weeks and when I tuned in yesterday, two of my favourites were out! The hunky, righteous Gabriel and nice, pretty Gina have been voted out. :/ I’ve read about Gabriel’s departure from Lee Cheng’s but the show ain’t the same without him. Hmph. Didn’t really expect Gina to be voted out that fast too.. all the potential and deserving candidates for the title of ‘Survivor’ seem to have been voted off one by one – especially good ol’ Hunter.

Then again, the game isn’t exactly ‘clean’, but it’s certainly going to be fun. Am glad to rid of that scheming Rob yesterday, bwaha. I’d prefer to kick out whiny Sean anyday. I can’t decide who deserves to win the cool million bucks.. they’re all rotten, rotten to the core.. maybe with the exception of Neleh (Helen spelled backwards), hee. Don’t think she’d win though. The timid, goody goody ones seem to pack for home early. Kathy’s been doing much for the group, but her personality doesn’t leave much for us to admire.

A bit of trivia though: the players were actually driven near to the tribal council, then have them walk the short way over to the site. Also, Gina and Hunter are now together, as expected. ;) Oh.. more here, if interested. :D

On another note.. I’m beginning to like these two new songs: Here Is Gone by the Goo Goo Dolls and Trail of Dead’s Another Morning Stoner. Look out for them.

Again, am amazed to find Johnny Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls beginning to look like still-rocking (I guess!) group Aerosmith’s frontman, Steve Tyler.

And why does Jason Kay of Jamiroquai look like Keanu Reeves when Jason isn’t wearing one of his eccentric, trademark hats?

Uh oh.

On air now: Driftwood, Travis

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