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Lightbulb on.

lightbulb on

Yesterday an idea of starting a local online magazine hit me. Since majority of music listeners in Malaysia are drawn towards the normal pop music scene, I thought exposure should be given to less well known bands such as At The Drive-In, Trail of Dead, Badly Drawn Boy, Super Furry Animals or even Ash.

I admit I have only hear at least one song from each of the bands above.. (save for Ash – love their music :)

Why are teen listeners of our country so keen on singing along to Spears and her beau’s group? Simply because the local stations are belting out only the latest hits, ignoring the less successful ones completely (that’s because they were overshadowed by teen singing sensations). Of course, credit must always be given to WoWFM, who are attempting to inject more good music into the country’s music lovers.

Oh.. and the name of the online magazine? See, since we’re Malaysian made, the name should also reflect a bit of patriotism, thus the Malay names. I’ve got two choices.. Batu Bergolek or Papan Tanda.

lightbulb off

crazy idea vanishes, leaving behind a trail of wispy white smoke

Moronic, isn’t it? It’s one of those silly ideas of mine which like to hit me every now and then. And they’re usually the types which falls in the category of ‘Strizzt’s All Talk But No Action Ideas’.

Bonk me on the head, someone!

But I really do wish someone would change the state of our music industry. I’d love to listen to more Malaysian made music, and hear more of those lesser knowns, instead of always bombarding us with those teenage.. ‘music’.

Of course, this explains just how odd I could get at times….. so beware, yeah.

How much of a freak are you?
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*Translations from Malay to English:
Batu Bergolek: Rolling Stone
Papan Tanda: Billboard

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