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Gee.. is learning to play the...

Gee.. is learning to play the guitar hard work? My left fingers are red and stinging, because of the frequent pressing of strings (or frets?). I should not be complaining.. after all, look at what guitarists do.. play guitars for hours, every freakin’ day. Maybe I’ll make a bad guitarist.

Coincidences, coincidences.. was cleaning up my room today. It’s as if a tornado has landed there, and I’m not exaggerating. The room looks worse now that I’ve shifted everything back from my hostel room, and there’s absolutely no place to fit in anything. Was packing and looking through some old music magazines that I’ve had these few years. Usually I don’t buy the magazines unless it features my favourite band (obssession, that’s what it’s called), heh.. and there are some that I got for free.

One of the magazines was given to me (as a door gift nevertheless) because I was reporting for a band competition in uni last year.. and as I was flipping through it absently, my eyes strayed around and I noticed Lee Cheng’s name as one of the winners (!!) for a few CD giveaways.

Rather odd, of course.. if I haven’t started this blog, I wouldn’t have give a damn, wouldn’t have recognise her name. She’d just be another person in this world who was lucky enough to win a few CDs.

And me, I never win anything. :/

Other than that, the band competition was good, I guess.. after all, it was my first time attending those sort of stuff. I can’t believe it: a friend (and a few others, I notice) actually fell asleep, amidst the deafening volume and loud cheers erupting almost every second during the entire thing. Somehow, I’ve always been led to believe that people can only fall asleep to classical music – after all, they’re soft, and exudes a sense of peace, a sense of tranquility. Seems that I was wrong eh?

Oh.. and I’ve an announcement to make:

Beginning this Saturday night (Malaysian time, that is):

/rants.html will cease to exist.


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