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It seems to me that most of the...

It seems to me that most of the songs invading the music scene these days are no more dominated by singers who can really sing. Of course, you don’t need to possess multiple vocal ranges like Mariah Carey, or a soothing seducive voice such as Enrique Iglesias (er? :P). What you need is sufficient power and energy to yell your lyrics.

Linkin Park, Godsmack, Disturbed – they don’t really sing – but they seem to be ‘shouting’ the words in accordance to music. I don’t think they sound good doing that either.. by the time the music ends, they sound hoarse and maybe they’ll just manage a croak, heh.

I miss Stephan Jenkins – lead singer for Third Eye Blind. He’s the only guy who can shout really good, yeah. (speaking of which.. where did they go?.. extinct. :/) Also, songs which have you blabbering along, as if saying tongue twisters really quick tend to become hits too.. like Barenaked Ladies’ One Week. I can’t believe I actually went through the trouble to memorise and sing the lyrics (more like attempting to catch up) to that song back then. Pfft.

It’s a very subjective topic to decide what a good piece of music is.. but we don’t rely on the vocals alone. Heck, even those who cannot sing well are hogging the charts and sitting back gleefully, watching as listeners buy their albums by the loads. Maybe the word “singer” needs to be revised.

On another note, it must be cruel for me to announce that /rants.html will disappear as of this Saturday.. it’s a late April Fool’s prank, but in a way, it’s true also. :) We’ll see what happens.

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