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Been playing some...

Been playing some Empire Earth today.. unfortunately, it reminds me too much of Age of Empires. Well heck.. the similarities between the two games are obvious because both games were done by Rick Goodman, who was the lead designer for Age of Empires. Still, I kept thinking that Age of Empires is somehow a tad bit better than Empire Earth. Currently I’m still going through the learning scenarios though, heh.. might change my mind just later.

So.. Spider-Man, or Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones? I think they are the most anticipated movies for this year.. and both of them should be released next month. I’m not a big fan of the latter, and somehow I can’t wait to see Spider-Man already. The trailer was awesome.. but then again, watched it with the Computer Graphics tutor a few months back when we were messing around with Adobe Premiere, trying to create our own silly trailer, and he kept pointing out how good the trailer was. Also, Tobey Mcguire seems like the right candidate to play the title character.. and I doubt Kirsten Dunst will mess herself up in this movie – she’s always had this certain aura around her, exuding maximum charm and talent.

I wonder if should I be ashamed to say that I did not finish watching the whole of Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace. Didn’t enjoy it at all. ducks

And to think that Episode II actually borrowed some scenes from The Matrix. Bwaha! zips mouth

There seems to be not a lot of good movies for the moment.. am thinking of watching Resident Evil or The Scorpion King (or Mummy III, like everyone’s been saying) just to pass time – they’re the only two movies I deem ‘worth’ watching at the cinema near my house, heh.

Hm.. after much contemplation, I’ve decided to continue on with /rants.html.. and not have it changed to /rants/index.html. :D

On air now: Flowers in the Window, Travis (The Invisible Band)

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