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Watched another episode of...

Watched another episode of Charmed yesterday.. although the show is quite entertaining, the good witches almost always escape from their enemies, and in a ridiculous way too. The girls always win the day utilising their most used powers of freezing time and swishing people off with a flick of their hand, and ho ho.. another happy ending.

But then again, nearly all movies end happily; the cowboy and his girl riding off into the glaring (!) sunset, the cute guy gets the girl of his dreams, everyone lives happily ever after.

Rarely is there a movie which focuses on the opposite: everyone turns up dead, buildings crumble, the world spins off its axis and rolls over elsewhere. While writing this, I can think of two examples: The Blair Witch Project and Deep Impact (don’t really remember the ending, though).

The same goes for books, of course. I think about 80% of all movies and books conclude with a happy ending. Could it be that they are just for the sake of drawing crowds, or are the writers trying to instill a feeling of security, a sense of optimism? Or am I just being pessimistic, trying to end a run to joyful endings?

Is it a must to let everything end like a fairy tale? Ironically, our (or mine, anyway) life doesn’t seem to head towards that….. too many questions, so little answers.

On another note, it looks like I’m actually getting blisters from playing the guitar. Geez!

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