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Went to get my hair cut today.

Went to get my hair cut today.

The salon is located in one of the shopping complexes in the busiest part of the city, and I’ve never liked being in crowds (not like I have agoraphobia). Everyone walks by so fast, and it’s just a weekend. I felt as if I was watching those Hong Kong or New York streets on the television, where almost everyone and everything swishes by you quickly, and I wondered if I was actually standing still.. those big buses honking their way through, leaving behind a trail of black smoke, rendering a few coughs from passersby; the bus passengers staring out with blank, stony expressions; the catchy beats of Indian music switched to its maximum volume; teenagers hugging blue files going up the stairs for extra classes; the smells of pisang goreng (er.. fried bananas?) and clinking of glasses from the nearby stall selling drinks of multiple colours (!)..

I was waiting for the car with my mother and occasionally, my gaze falls on a random person or two. I saw a guy helping a blind man to cross the busy road.. then the blind man continues the journey by himself with the aid of his walking stick. I wonder if he was actually safe walking along the busy street, fending for himself. The thought then faded away as an old lady wandered past, then stopped near my mother and asked her the way to a bus station.. after getting the reply, she went off again. By the looks of it, she seemed lost (not the usual direction type of ‘lost’) or a bit off in the head. :/ I reckon it’s a bit dangerous for her to be wandering aimlessly; perhaps she really did not know the way home. But then again, I shouldn’t judge people too much. Heck, I can’t even judge myself!

If I am to stand on that particular pavement everyday, I am bound to see people from all walks of life, see new things, such variety. I guess that’s what happens when you live in the city.

You look at everyone else and wonder. You never know if other people are actually looking back at you and wondering about you too.

Darn it, I think I’m going to have to add Trail of Dead’s Source Tags & Codes into my CD to-buy list as well. I like two of the songs already.. Relative Ways and Another Morning Stoner. I really need to get the few CDs I’ve always wanted.. points right The list just keeps on increasing and I’m doing absolutely nothing here. Ack.

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